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Corporate Banking

The products offered by the Division are mostly for working capital facilities like overdraft, bill/cheque discounting and non-fund based facilities like Letter of Credits and Guarantees.   There is also a good portfolio of Term Lending as well including some Syndicated Loans.  Income streams are from interest on lending and fee based income from non-fund facilities.

Corporate Banking Division has various business units each specialized in different areas as per the following:

 Government Remedial and Islamic business
     The Government Remedial and Islamic business unit handles the large and critical portfolio of ‘Liability’ business relating to Government
      as well as the management of the Bank’s portfolio of non-performing assets and their recovery are also looked after by the department.

 Contracting and Building Materials business
The Contracting and Building Materials business unit has Contracting and the related area of building materials as its target area.  

  Manufacturing and Trade business
The Manufacturing and Trade business unit caters to the trading and manufacturing sector.  

 Real Estate, Services and Others business
The Real Estate, Services and Others business unit deals with Real Estate and Services.  


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