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Executive Management

AbdulKarim Ahmed Bucheery
Chief Executive

Qualifications and experience:
BSc in Economic Science, University of Aleppo, Syria (1976).
36 years banking experience.

Joined BBK in 2002.

Reyadh Yousif Sater
Deputy Chief Executive
Business Group (Effective 23 June 2013)

Qulaifications and experience:
MBA, University of Glamorgan, United Kingdom(2001).
36 years banking experience.
Joined BBK in 1978.

Jamal Hijris
General Manager
Support Group (Effective 23 June 2013)

Qualifications and experience:
MBA, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain (1991)
35 years banking experience.
Joined BBK in 1978.

Mohamed Malik
General Manager
Retail Banking  (Effective 23 June 2013)

Qulaifications and experience:
BSc, Computer Science, University of Petroleum & Minerals,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1984).
28 years work experience.
Joined BBK in 2000

Abdulrahman Saif
General Manager
Treasury, Investment & Institutional Banking

Qualifications and experience:
PhD, Economics, University of Leicester, UK (1992).
31 years in research and centeral Banking.
Joined BBK 2008

Rashad Akbari
Assistant General Manager
Operations (Effective 23 June 2013)

Qulifications and experience:
MSc, Marketing, Univeristy of Stirling, UK (1997).
27 years banking experience, of which 13 years in banking.
Joined BBK in 2000.


Jamal AlSabbagh
Assistant General Manager 
Information Technology

Qulaifications and experience:
MBA,  University Of Glamorgan, United Kingdom (2001).
33 years of banking experience.
Joined BBK in 1980.

Hassaan Mohammed Burshaid
Assistant General Manager
Human Resource & Administration

Qulaifications and experience:
MSc, Human Resource Management,
DePaul University, United States of America (2006).
19 years of experience in the field of human resources.
Joined BBK in 1998.

Mohammed Abdulla Isa
Assistant General Manager
Financial Planning & Control

Qualifications and experience:
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), American Institute
of Certified Public Accountant,
Delaware State Boad of Accountancy (2001).
22 years of finance experience.
Joined the Bank in 2001.


C.K. Jaidev
Assistant General Manager
Overseas Banking (Effective 1 September 2013)

Qualifications and experience:
MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Reoublic of India (1989)  
24 years banking experience
Joined the Bank in 1996.

Amit Kumar
Assistant General Manager
Risk & Credit Management

Qualifications and experience:
MBA, India Institute of Management, India (1983).
30 years of experience in the banking sector.
Joined BBK in 1994.


Nadeem A.Aziz Kooheji 
Acting Assistant General Manager 
Corporate Banking (Effective 5 November 2013)

Qualifications and experience:
BA in Finance and International Business, University of Texas - Austin, United States of America(1988).
Eight years audit and 16 years banking experience.
Joined BBK in 1999.




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