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Government, Remedial, and Islamic Department

Brighter contacts.

Realizing the significant impact of “VISION 2030” and the importance of satisfying the special banking requirements of Government & Semi Government entities, our Corporate Banking Division established a separate department to serve those needs in order to enhance the banking relationships with those entities. Also, the department conducts Islamic Murabaha transactions to satisfy the potential growth in that field. Lastly, the remedial function of our department pertains to managing the remedial portfolio, both locally and within the Region of the various corporate departments.

One of the objectives of our department is to cater for the banking requirements of the Government & Semi-Government entities by providing them with the top quality services that we can provide. Such services are provided via our well-established relationships with you, our customers, which enable us to understand your requirements and act as partners in achieving your goals with utmost efficiency.

As for the department’s remedial function, it is to manage the non-performing assets in our portfolio and the settlements of such relationships & recover, to the maximum efforts from such non-performing assets.

Finally, realising the increased demand for Islamic transactions, our department has a function of catering to those needs via our Islamic Murabaha transactions.

With our professional specialised team in the Corporate Banking Division, we cooperate with all the divisions in the bank to ensure that the quality of services expected by our customers is achieved

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