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Brighter property prospects

Despite the global downturn and economic recession witnessed over last 2 years, the property market in Bahrain has remained steady with conservative industry expectations predicting at least a further three years of strong property price growth in the residential and commercial market.
Driving the stability and success of the local Bahrain property market are a series of strong and sustainable factors, and now, realising the potential of property and in a bid to shore up and diversify their own asset and investment portfolios, leading Bahraini banks are seeking out viable entry points into real estate marketplace and the resultant effect is that Bahrain is making itself heard in the global property market.

Our Real Estate and Services Department constitutes a specialised branch of CBD with our main focus on the Real Estate funding needs of large Corporations, businessmen and high net worth individuals. The team manages a leading client portfolio composed of the largest players in the Real estate and property market in Bahrain.

We will work with you to structure a best fitting facility to cater to your real estate needs including purchase and development of varying properties ranging from residential, commercial, tourist and agricultural land. Our real estate finance department offers flexible solutions to individual owners, investors and corporate from a range of industry sectors for expansion, development or accommodation.

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