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Market Watch

Arab Market
CountryLastNet ChangePercentage Change
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange4485.013.120.07
Amman Index4260.9-3.6-0.08
Bahrain S.E. Index1372.339.790.72
BLOM Lebanese Index1227.14-3.23-0.26
FTSE Nasdaq Dubai3307.89-1.93-0.06
Dubai Market Index3461.43-13.3-0.38
Egypt's EGX 30 Index13036.67147.571.14
Egypt Hermes Index667.12-494.38-42.56
Kuwait General Index7023.823.640.05
MASI Index11690.69-199.27-1.68
Muscat SE General Index5635.0817.40.31
Al-Quds Index538.531.240.23
Doha Sec. Mar. Index10445.2449.260.47
Saudi General Index6878.6846.380.68
Tunisia General Index5544.93-14.59-0.26

Global Market
CountryLastNet ChangePercentage Change
NASDAQ Composite Index5821.6427.820.48
Mexico Index(USD)48727.61240.310.5
NIKKEI 22519085.31-3.88-0.02
Hang Seng Stock Index24300.277.530.03
Sing Straits Times3126.938.740.28
ASX All Ordinaries5754220.38
Euro Stoxx 503451.2828.50.83
NYSE Composite Index11461.3534.660.3
DAX Index11917.513.380.11
Swiss Market Index8619.0551.170.6
IBEX 3510229.90.60.01
Milan MIB 30 Index20038.384.860.43
BEL20 Index3759.5729.790.8
NETHERLANDS AEX 509.45-0.07-0.01
Jakarta Composite5571.0750.950.92
Dow Jones Industrial Average20661.3-6.71-0.03
SP 500 Composite Index2357.569.110.39
Amex Composite2471.8415.20.62

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