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Chief Executive Mr. Reyadh Sater's Interview in the Oxford Business Group Report on Bahrain

Reyadh Yousif Sater, Chief Executive, BBK, recently gave an interview to Oxford Business Group (OBG), the renowned consultancy and publisher of economic reports as part of the research undertaken for The Report: Bahrain 2016, the most recent report from the group on the economy of Bahrain.

Amongst other topics, Reyadh Yousif Sater shared his views on how Bahrain’s general economic environment affects the financial sector. An extract from the interview is below:

“We are in the midst of interesting and complex times, not only in Bahrain but also across the region and the rest of the world.  There are currently significant geopolitical challenges facing the world like the fact that major economies such as China are growing at a slower pace, while at the same time other economies are diversifying.

The drop in oil prices has provided an opportunity for Bahrain to step up its diversification drive. The kingdom, aided by a spending rationalisation policy and using resources from the GCC Fund, is still able to finance major capital projects that will keep the economy growing. With regards to financial institutions, they do face some challenges, however, I am confident that they are being properly addressed.”

Read the full interview with Reyadh Yousif Sater here, now available on the Oxford Business Group website.

Used as a research tool by over a hundred thousand investors and trade organisations around the world, the OBG database has over 10,000 articles across a range of sectors including Finance, Energy Telecoms, Real Estate, Transport and Logistics and a dozen more.  OBG are delighted to have worked with PwC who provided expertise as one of the 1000+ sources supporting OBG’s research for this publication.

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