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Super Saver Account

Would you like a bank account that’s as simple and as
flexible as carrying cash?

One that you can easily carry
in your pocket wherever
you go?

A bank account that helps
you save money and
earn interest too?

Whatever you earn and
however you spend, you’ll be
surprised at how easily you
can get the bank account for
your everyday needs.

SuperSaver accounts from
BBK help you manage your
money and start saving up
for a brighter tomorrow!



Sign up to our Super Savings Account and enjoy brighter rates of additional interest on the un-utilised
excess funds in the account.

 Features & Benefits

  • Open an account with as little as BD 50 (minimum balance).
  • “Visa Electron” Debit card accepted worldwide for purchases and withdrawals.
  • Accounts can be opened and held individually or jointly by clubs and associations.
  • Highly competitive interest rates.
  • 24 hour cash withdrawal from any ATM.
  • Statements are mailed on a monthly basis and can be checked online at
  • Transactions via all merchants (POS) will be directly debited from the account.

 Documents required

  • For Bahrainis:
    Two valid IDs: Original CPR/Smart Card and Passport or Driver’s License
  • For Non-Bahrainis:
    Original CPR/Smart Card.
    Passport (with Residence Permit for expatriates residing within the GCC).
  • For Businesses:
    Original Commercial of Registration (CR)

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