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A brighter way to send money home.

For over 135 years, millions of people have trusted Western Union to support family back home, rescue travelers in emergency, and keep business operating smoothly. Each transfer can be verified with a unique Money Transfer Control Number as well as an optional secret question. With Western Union, your money will be paid out quickly, giving you peace of mind.

Money is received minutes after it is sent. Western Union uses advanced electronic technology and a worldwide computer network for fast payout in more than 200 countries and territories.

Western Union agents are located where you need them. All 15 BBK branches located around Bahrain are fully equipped and trained to be ready to receive your instructions. You do not have to be a BBK account holder to benefit from this service. That , in addition to more than 364,000 agent locations worldwide, makes Western Union one of the world’s largest money transfer networks.


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