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Tailored to cover 12 critical life-threatening illnesses at a very affordable price. You insure yourself for a fixed sum at the outset and the sum is paid out in the event of unfortunate diagnosis of one of the 12 conditions listed below: 

  • Major Cancers
  • Coronary Artery - Bypass -Surgery (2 or more arteries)
  • First Heart Attack (myocardial infarction)
  • Kidney Failure - End Stage Renal Disease (both kidneys).
  • Stroke
  • Aorta (surgery of Aorta)
  • Blindness (loss of sight in both eyes)
  • Heart Valve Replacement
  • Major Organ Transplantation
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Major Paralysis
  • Coma

Why HopeSecura is ideal for you?

  • Choice of coverage from BHD 10,000/- to BHD 30,000/-
  • Coverage up to the age of 65 years old
  • Affordable premiums
  • Single premium and annual premium options available
  • Easy documentation

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