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Security tips

  • Secure your mobile phone with a password to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Keep your personal information, including your account number and ePIN confidential. Do not disclose personal information if someone else can read your screen or hear your voice. 
  • Log out every time you finish a Mobile Banking session. This will prevent anyone from gaining easy access to your information if they get hold of your mobile phone.
  • Do not save any financial or personal information on your mobile phone, including your Mobile Banking login information.
  • Some web browsers have an “auto-fill” function that store your username and password, and pre-fill these fields for you the next time you log in. If you are prompted, disable the “auto-fill” feature from your smart phone.
  • Beware of third-party applications “apps” for your mobile phone. There are some programs that you can download that claim to organise your various online banking accounts or other passwords. Many of these are basically phishing scams designed to steal your information and send it to fraudsters. Only access your accounts through the official BBK website or the Mobile Banking site
  • If you lose your mobile phone and you are worried about your access information being compromised, log on to your account from another computer and reset your ePIN right away or call the BBK contact centre on 17 207777.

For more information, please call 17 20 7777

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