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Human Resources and Administration

This division comprises of the following 4 departments:

 The Human Resources
Human Resource Department combines the traditionally administrative personnel functions with performance management, development, and motivation.
     It is responsible for the recruitment of suitable staff for different areas of the Bank’s operations, day to day employment practices including
    remuneration and benefit administration, job description policy, leave management and performance and development planning and
    administration amongst many other tasks.  

 Training and Development
Training and Development department is responsible for training and skills development, of the Bank’s employees. Amongst others, it handles the   
    Management Training and Development Programme, which aims at identifying potential future leaders in the Bank

 Corporate Communication
Corporate Communication department’s main responsibility is to ensure effective communications internally with the employees and externally with the
     media, shareholders, customers and authorities. It enhances the image and reputation of the brand through the various activities such as advertising,
     PR, sponsorships and donations while ensure consistency and adherence to the Brand guidelines

 General Services
General Services department comprises of various units such as safety and security, purchasing and services, dispatch and archives. It is also
    responsible for the repair, maintenance, expansion and renovation of all BBK premises and properties and branches network.

 Systems Security Administration
Systems Security Administration department controls all access to automated systems and plays a prominent role in enhancing the overall system
     security awareness. It regulates access identification used on all computing platforms ensuring that only licensed software is used, and that the
     Bank’s automated systems are protected from intruders.


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