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BBK Payables Management Solutions

We believe companies that utilize integrated payables solutions will be winners in an increasingly competitive and connected global economy. You will benefit from highly efficient and streamlined processes, greater accessibility to cash for investment or other purposes and the ability to take advantage of automation, while providing payment choices to your vendors or customers.

An integral part of managing your working capital is the timely and efficient processing of cash outflows. Consumer or corporate, paper or electronic, we have an integrated payables solution to meet your needs and streamline your payment processes. BBK Payable Solutions include:

BBK Vendor Payments Solutions
BBK Vendor Payment Solutions are designed to simplify, streamline and manage your vendor payables. We provide you the flexibility of giving a single instruction to pay suppliers maintaining accounts within BBK, at other domestic banks in Bahrain or internationally. Our solutions ensure that you have control over your outflows allowing you to make just-in-time payments.

BBK Payroll Services
BBK Payroll Services is a complete payroll management solution that offers you a high level of flexibility allowing you achieve greater operational efficiencies and improve tracking and control.

BBK Payroll Services allows you to outsource payroll processing to BBK through a single instruction authorizing initiation of multiple payments within BBK and to other domestic banks in Bahrain.

BBK Dividend Payments Solutions
Outsource processing of your Cash Dividends to BBK. We offer you the flexibility to pay your shareholders either though an electronic transfer directly to their bank account or through a cheque instrument. Our solution eliminates the need for you to manage multiple cheque books and the hassles of distribution of cheques to the shareholders.
BBK Healthcare Payments
Specifically designed to cater to the needs of the healthcare industry BBK Healthcare Payments allows for movement of funds though the value-chain right from insurance companies down to the medical providers. The solution allows insurance companies to outsource to BBK settlement of medical payments covering hospitals, pharmacies, medical  practitioners and claimants.

BBK Corporate Cheque Outsourcing Solution
Outsourcing your cheque processing to BBK results in cost savings while increasing your operational efficiency. The solution integrates directly with our back office engine thereby reducing turnaround time for cheque processing.
With BBK Corporate Cheque Outsourcing Solution you have the option to have the cheque delivered to your premises or have the beneficiary collect them from a BBK branch of your choice.

BBK Bill Payment Solutions
BBK Bill Payment Solutions facilitates recurring Consumer-to-Business (C2B) and Business-to-Business (B2B) payments to select partners such as utility companies, service providers, credit card providers, and corporations. Modes of payments supported include cash, clearing cheques, BBK cheques and account transfers.

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