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BBK Receivables Management Solutions

BBK’s Receivables Solutions enables you to accelerate the processing of your collections and access timely and accurate information electronically to reconcile your cash positions.
An integral part of managing your working capital is the timely and efficient processing of cash inflows. Consumer or corporate, paper or electronic, we have an integrated solutions to speed up and manage collection of your receivables. BBK Receivable Solutions include:

To capitalize on the growing popularity of electronic remittances BBK has enhanced its technology platform to provide you with Direct-to-BBK, an automated solution that processes incoming funds transfers directly to your BBK account without delay. You benefit from intraday liquidity, dynamic notification and reporting.

BBK PDC Management
BBK PDC Management is a solution designed specifically for corporations that have large volume of post-dated cheque instruments. This service allows you to out-source the activity of collecting and managing post-dated instruments. BBK will provide custodial services of the instruments till date of deposit. On-demand reports will be available for tracking cheque status.

Cheque Clearing and Collection Services
We offer you clearing of your domestic cheque instruments through Central Bank of Bahrain’s cheque clearing mechanism. In addition, we have arrangements with partner banks in various countries to offer you collection services on your international cheque instruments.

BBK Collect Wise
BBK Collect Wise is a secure and timely aggregation and deposit service that converts your receivables into usable funds. This solution caters to your needs to aggregate your cash and cheque for next day deposit to your BBK account. We have partnered with a leading security company in Bahrain to provide this specialized service.

BBK Direct Debit
BBK Direct Debit is an exclusive service that allows you to accelerate your receivables by initiating electronic funds transfers from your payers’ accounts at BBK on a mutually acceptable schedule. This service requires a written authorization from your payers allowing you and BBK to initiate debits on their accounts at BBK. On-demand reports will be available for tracking transaction status.

BBK Invoice Collection Service
BBK Invoice Collection Service is specifically designed to cater to large corporations that require additional band-width for collection of their receivables. BBK’s extensive branch network and Financial Malls can be opened to accept over-the-counter payments against invoices. Additionally this service allows for enabling collections through our electronic channels such as ATM’s, Cash Deposit Machines and e-Banking channels.

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