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Cash Management

Helping you manage daily cash flows, related processing costs and optimization of working capital management.

BBK Cash Management Services merges banking expertise with technology to provide you with solutions to help manage your daily working capital more efficiently. Our Payable Management and Receivable Management solutions allow you to be in control of your daily cash flows, minimize related processing costs while optimizing earnings on your balances.

At the core of our Cash Management Team is established expertise and proven skills in solution structuring and implementation. Our Relationship Managers and Product Specialists have broad and in-depth knowledge of Cash Management products and services and they work closely with you to understand your specific needs and structure solutions to meet those needs.

Understanding the complexities of treasury management, as well as the realities of your business and rapidly changing economic environment is our business. We at BBK know that as your business evolves and markets develop, your company’s cash management function will need to grow too. Our range of solutions can accommodate your business along the way and address essential strategic questions. We act as your “partner” playing a consultative role, offering insight to streamline your payment processes and procedures, collections methods and related control functions.
So where does BBK Cash Management Solutions fit in your business cycle?

 BBK Cash Management Products and Services

Payables Management

  • BBK Vendor Payments Solutions
  • BBK Payroll Services
  • Dividend Payments Solutions
  • Health Care Payments
  • Payments for Utilities
  • Recurring Payments

Receivables Management

  • Electronic Remittances (Direct-to-BBK)
  • Cheque Collection & Clearing Services
  • BBK Collect Wise
  • BBK Direct Debit
  • BBK Post Dated Receivables and Custodial Services
  • BBK Invoice Collection Services

Account Services

  • Current Accounts
  • Call Deposit Accounts
  • Fixed Deposit Accounts
  • Account Sweep

Information Reporting

  • Balance Reporting
  • Account Statements
  • Transaction Reports
  • SWIFT based statements (MT940)

Delivery Channels

  • BBK’s extensive Branch Network and Financial Malls
  • Electronically through BBKCashlink (

 Implementation Approach
Our team of specialists work in close collaboration with you to develop an implementation plan for a smooth and successful rollout. Cash Management implementations at BBK are structured starting with requirements gathering, submission of proposal, product walk-through, pilot program and closure.

Furthermore, BBK is able to design and deliver a training plan in conjunction with you at a location of your choice.

 Dedication to Quality
We view our quality process as a combination of Customer Service and Operational improvement, focusing on each individual product we offer, as well as the overall customer experience. The result of our efforts has been a history of continuous improvement and measurements of quality and Customer Service. BBK employs a company-wide framework of objective measures to evaluate our performance, establishing effective processes that support our business objectives.

 Customer Service
Getting the required information to you when you need it is of paramount importance to BBK. Our people, process and technology promote efficient and effective communication. We have streamlined communications, within BBK and externally to clients, to provide the attention and focus our customers expect. The process by which our customer’s issues are resolved has been defined to provide accurate and timely response and resolution.

It is the intelligent banking system that integrates state-of-the-art technology and skilled human resources into an efficient and reliable service centre, making life easier for our customers by understanding their unique needs and preferences. Our dedicated customer service unit - the Cash Management Contact Centre, are geared to attend to your calls and support all you queries.

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