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When your business needs to grow to become brighter. You can call upon our many years of domestic and regional banking experience. We have a specialized department that can support the growth and expansion of medium & small sized enterprises. Our bankers are deeply rooted in their communities, making decisions locally, with access to the comprehensive resources across our bank.

We meet your expectations by providing you with diverse products and services:

Overdraft Facility
Is used to support working capital requirements, cover temporary cash flow needs; (e.g. purchase inventory, finance receivables, and meet day-to-day expenses.)

Term Loans
To satisfy medium and long term funding required to finance (e.g., capital expenditure, equipments, installations, reforms, premises acquisitions or renovations in the primary business.)

 Letter of Credit
Irrevocable undertaking issued by the Bank to facilitate settlement of domestic and international trade transactions covering sales or purchases of goods locally or internationally.

Cheque Discounting
To provide receivables financing through Cheque Discounting.

Letter of Guarantees
Irrevocable undertaking issued by the bank on behalf of the customer assuming payment to a third party in the event that the company doesn’t meet contract conditions.

Current Accounts

Call Accounts

Time Deposits

Electronic Channels
Internet Banking.
Dedicated Call Centre.

Any additional information about BBK Enterprise Banking can be obtained by contacting our call center on +973 17207772 or email [email protected]

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