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Fees and Service Charges

Our service fees are detailed in this section, but as rates can change on a daily basis, for the very latest rates you are advised to contact your nearest branch or call our Contact Centre on 17 20 7772.

Download the latest Fees and Charges here

Inward Bills Colection (IBC & ICCS)

Clean Bills or cheques against payment or acceptance

 0.1% flat min BD 2 max BD 25

Documentary Collection against payment or acceptance or free of payment commission

 0.125% flat min of BD 20

Extending Bank guarantee or acceptance that payment will be protected on maturity 1.80% per annum calculated on the number of days on 360 days a year basis, min BD 15

Remittance Charges

 BD 19

Note:Inward Bills for Collection
Return documents unpaid

 0.125% flat + Courier charges + Swift charges + USD 100


Outward Bills Collections (OBC)

Clean Bills or cheques

0.1% flat min BD 2 & max BD 25

Documentary Collections Commission

 0.125% flat min of BD 20

Purchase or discount of collection Collection commission plus interest

Note: Outward Bills for Collection (OBC) Return documents unpaid

 OBC Commission + BD 20 + Correspondent Bank charges


Shipping Guarantees

BHD 20 flat

Bid Bonds, Tender & other Guarantees

LG Issuing Commission

1.50% p.a. calculated 360 days per year basis, min BD 25

Issuance of Commercial Registration

For Walk-in customers, min value of transaction is BD 3000 with a min commission of BD 60

Financial Guarantees / Credit Substitutes ( Issuance Commission )

2% p.a. Min BD 50

Amendments involving extension of validity & increase in value

As applicable for issuingMin BD 25

Other amendments

BD 20

Open-ended guarantees
(see *‘Note below)
1.50% p.a. (360 days/year basis)
Min BD 25 + BD 25 (open ended fee )

Payment under Guarantee

BD 25 flat

Delivery Order for

Recording of assignment of proceeds

BD 37 flat

Air waybill & Parcel Post

BD 20 flat (if D.O is issued against 100% cash margin in absence of documents). No Charges, if documents are already received.

Letters of Credit (LC)

LC Issuance

 1.5% p.a.- Min BD 25

Amendments involving increase in value or extension of validity As applicable for opening the credit min BD 15
Other amendments BD 15 flat
Acceptance commission 1.80% p.a. calculated on no. of days at the rate of 360 days a year basis, min BD 20
Interest for transit period on Sight bills or Past dues Customer lending rate or overdraft rate shall apply
No interest will be charged in case of 100% cash margin
Penal interest for overdue bills
(Past dues )
2% p.a. over the contracted rate (if O/D applicable otherwise bank base rate )
Bills under LC, but received on collection basis 0.125% flat min BD 20
Discrepancy in handling charges (usually claimed from beneficiary) BD 28
Remittance Charges BD 30

Advising Letter of Credit


 BD 10

Original Credit

 BD 10


 BD 10

Confirming Letter of Credit

Sight LC

Advising fee plus 1.20% p.a. calculated on the number of days on 360 days a year basis, with a min of BD 20

Usance LC

Advising fee 1.20% p.a for validity of LC plus 1.80% p.a for usance period calculated no. of days on 360 days on yr basis. Min BD 30

Negotiation Commission

0.125 % flat min BD 20 plus interest from date of payment to beneficiary to date of receipt of reimbursement min for 5 days. No interest is charged, if payment to beneficiary is made after obtaining reimbursement

Reimbursement charges (to honor claim under export LC)

 BD 30


Communication Charges


BD 2


BD 3

Courier Services

BD 15

Telex/Swift Charges for all countries

BD 11 plus BD 1
*In case to be collected from the beneficiary

Full Operative LCs & Guarantees for all countries

BD 25

Facsimile or Telefax

Local banks / customers



BD 1 per page

* Note : Guarantees without definite expiry dates (Open ended) are not generally issued. If they are issued, as in the case of guarantees in
             favor of Bahrain Government or any other Government Organizations, the Principal is liable to pay commission until the return of the 
             original guarantee by the Beneficiary
* Effective June 2011

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