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Complaints & Feedback


Complaints Mechanism

The customer will have the full right to register his / her complaint if he / she is not satisfied with the services provided by the bank
through the channels available.

How BBK will handle Customer Complaints:

  • Time Frame for Response:
    (A) Normal cases:
    All the complaints received through forms (online), e-mail or in writing, will be acknowledged by writing to the customer along with a
    reference number within five working days of receipt of the complaint. Final response will be sent to customer in writing,
    explaining the position and Bank’s decision within ‘Four weeks’ of receiving the complaint.

(B) Fraud cases, Legal cases, cases which need retrieval of old documents and cases involving 3rd party (Other Banks):
Bank’s response time will depend on the complexity of the case. The Bank will, however, keep the customer updated with the
progress of the case from time to time.

  • Customer not satisfied with the Bank’s Response:
    If your complaint is not resolved within the given time or if you are not satisfied with the solution provided by the Bank, you will
    have the option to approach the Bank’s Customer Complaints Officer at the following address:

    The Manager
    Customer Experience Management
    P. O. Box 597
    Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Customer ‘still not’ satisfied with the Bank’s Response:

If you do not receive a reply from the Bank within 4 weeks from the Customer Complaints Officer or you are not satisfied with the
Bank’s final decision, you have the right to refer the case to the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) within 30 calendar days from the
date of receiving the Bank’s letter. You can submit the case through the ‘Complaint Form’ on the CBB’s website


Find Branch

Visit the nearest branch to you by using our Interactive Locator  and speak with the branch manager and/or drop your complaint or feedback in the complaints & feedback box available at our branches.



Call us
  Retail Banking customers: 
+973 17 20 7777  
7:30 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday to Thursday
Corporate Banking customers: 
+973 17 20 7772  
7:30 am to 3:00 pm
Sunday to Thursday




Write us a letter containing the details of your complaint to the Bank’s Complaints officer at the following address:
The Manager
Customer Resolution Unit
BBK P.O. Box 597




Send us your complaint by e-mail to [email protected] 





Tell us what you think of our products and services, e-mail [email protected] , Request for support 
or call +973 17 20 7777




Submit your complaint using the online form.


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