Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Retail Banking
  • Who is eligible for BBK Internet Retail Banking?
  • What is Customer ID?
  • Is there any charge for this service?
  • How safe are my requests/transactions on Retail Banking?
  • What can I do using Internet Retail Banking?
  • What do you mean by “real time” transaction?
  • How safe are my requests/transactions on Retail Banking?
  • How can I login if I have forgotten my ePIN?
  • What is an Authorization Password?
  • I have forgotten my Login ePIN or Authorization Password. What do I do?
  • What is ‘Instruction Reference Number’ in Beneficiary Maintenance?
  • What is Auto-Payment?
  • What is Quick Payment?
  • How can I view any recent activity in Internet Retail Banking?
  • What is eRemittance?
  • What is the difference between Funds Transfer and Preset Instructions?
  • How can I personalize my theme?
  • How do I access Arabic Version of Internet Retail Banking?
  • What is Logout?
  • What is an eStatement?
  • How do I register for eStatement?
  • When will I be able to view my first eStatement?
  • How do I enroll for the eStatement online?
  • Will I be notified when my eStatement is available for viewing?
  • How can I view my eStatement?
  • Do I need a different PIN or password to access eStatement?
  • Are there any eStatement charges?
  • What are the benefits of eStatement?
  • Does my eStatement contain the same information as the paper statement?
  • What accounts are eligible for eStatement?
  • Will all my accounts appear in my eStatement?
  • I have a joint account; will my partner have the eStatement service available?
  • Can I deactivate my eStatement and return to paper mail?
  • Will I continue to receive my paper mail statements?
  • I am unable to view my accounts on my eStatement
  • Can I print my eStatement?
  • Can I save my eStatement?
  • How far back can I view my eStatements?
  • What happens to my e-Statement history if I switch back to receiving a mailed statement?
  • What is BBK SMS Banking?
  • What are Push messages?
  • What are Pull messages?
  • How do I sign up for BBK SMS Banking?
  • What is the cost for using BBK SMS Banking?
  • What number do I send my SMS Pull requests to?
  • What is the SMS format to be used when performing a Pull request?
  • Can I pay bills and transfer funds using BBK SMS Banking?
  • What Push alerts are available?
  • How to use SMS Banking?
  • What does the (CK XXXX) in the acknowledgment message front BBK SMS Banking?
  • How do I verify my SMS transfer was completed?
  • What is the use of secondary mobile number?
  • How can I activate the secondary mobile number?
  • Can I stop receiving bank alerts for a period?
  • What if my device is lost or stolen?
  • What is the maximum daily cash withdrawal limit?
  • What is the maximum daily international cash withdrawal limit?
  • What are the ATM’s features other than cash withdrawal?
  • Where can I find a BBK ATM?
  • What should I do if the BBK ATM retains my BBK Debit card?
  • What should I do if the ATM does not suspense any cash?
  • What should I do in the case of a lost or stolen BBK Debit card?
  • What does ATM mean?
  • What is BBK Mobile Banking?
  • What is required to sign up to BBK Mobile Banking?
  • How do I login to BBK Mobile Banking?
  • Can I select my own login Customer ID and ePIN?
  • Is BBK Mobile Banking free?
  • What accounts will I be able to access through BBK Mobile Banking?
  • How do I change my login ePIN used for Mobile Banking?
  • Who do I contact for Mobile Banking enquiry and assistance?
  • Can I create a beneficiary through BBK Mobile Banking?
  • Can I pay bills through Mobile Banking?
  • Can I transfer money from my account through Mobile Banking?
  • Is it possible to view the bank statement through BBK Mobile Banking?
  • Do I have to type the page address (URL) every time I need to use the service?
  • Is BBK Mobile Banking safe?
  • What type of mobile device is required for BBK Mobile Banking?
  • What is a CDM?
  • What are the CDM’s features other than cash deposits?
  • Where can I find a CDM?
  • What is the accepted currency and denominations?
  • What is telebanking?
  • What is telebanking’s number?
  • What is my Customer ID?
  • What are telebanking’s features?

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