Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the minimum balance required to open a Fixed Deposit Account & Benefits?
  • What is required to open a BBK Deposit Account?
  • When opening an Al Hayrat Account, will I enter the draw immediately?
  • How can I use telebanking?
  • What’s the minimum amount required to open an Al Hayrat Account?
  • If I want a loan against a guarantee, and my retirement salary is BD 250/- and I have another income from renting apartments in my building. Am I eligible for a loan?
  • How many can join their salaries to get the loan against the guarantees
  • What are the Loan Application requirements?
  • How do I get my Visa Electron Debit card? Are there any charges?
  • What is the daily maximum usage in Point of Sale?
  • What is the maximum cash withdrawal with any ATM at any time?
  • What is IBAN?
  • Can you explain briefly the IBAN for Bahrain?
  • Why did the Kingdom of Bahrain decide to introduce IBAN?
  • How would bank customers benefit from IBAN?
  • Who requires an IBAN?
  • When can bank customers use IBAN in the Kingdom of Bahrain?
  • How can I get my IBAN?
  • For which transaction(s) can IBAN be used?
  • Can I use IBAN for a payment to be made to a person in a country that has adopted IBAN, but has not made its usage compulsory?
  • What is the difference between an IBAN and a normal account number?
  • Does the existing account numbers become invalid with the introduction of IBAN?
  • Is the IBAN to be used only for international payments?
  • Who can create and issue IBAN?
  • Can you explain the procedure involved in making a payment using IBAN?
  • Is it possible to get an online validator of the check digit?
  • Is there a standard way to write an IBAN?
  • Which countries are using IBAN?

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