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We at BBK have always aimed to be at the financial heart of the community and have been striving hard to remain close to the customer, assets the market needs and be responsive to the evolving requirements of the business community, the industrial and manufacturing sector and indeed, every segment of the economy.


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Application Forms

  For convenience, clients can easily print any of the available BBK forms.
  Click any of the below listed forms in PDF format
    Cancellation / Reissue of BBK Debit Card
    SMS Banking Application 
    Authorization to Receive BBK Debit Card/ PIN
    Facsimile Instruction Indemnity
    Safe Deposit Locker Access Authority 
    Customer Card Dispute
    Preset Instructions Application 
    BBKCashlink Activation Forms
    Trade Finance Counter indemnity for Guarantees
    Trade Finance Schedule of Documents and Goods (LC refinance)
    Enterprise Banking - Customer Update Form 
     Remittance Request Form
     Standing Order
     Application for Irrevocable Documentary Credit 
       Application for Amending Documentary Credit 


Security Center

  Learn how you can have a safer online experience. 
    How BBK protects you
    How you can protect yourself
    Types of Fraud



Service and Fees
   Retail fees and charges 


   ePIN Online Generation 
   Internet Retail Banking 
   Dual Factor Authentication  
   SMS Banking 

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Top Questions

What is ePIN?

ePIN is a 6-8 digit number used to access the Internet  Banking, Mobile Banking,Telebanking, SMS (My Profile), eStatement and eStatement.
    Tip of the day

    Use Wi-Fi™ hot spots that are reputable and password protected only. If you connect to a shared Wi-Fi™ hotspot, you are completely dependent on the security of the host network. If the network is unsecured, it is open to high risk of fraudulent transactions

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