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EFTS Fawri+

Fawri+ is an almost real-time funds transfer service which allows individuals or entities to transfer funds of up to BD 1,000 per day in less than 30 seconds. The service is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

  1. Insert debit card into the ATM’s card reader      
  2. Select the preferred language  
  3. Enter the debit card PIN              
  4. Select 'EFTS Service/Other Services' from the main screen     
  5. Select ‘EFTS Service’ from the list of services     
  6. Select ‘Fawri+’ as the transaction type
  7. Select the Beneficiary Type:
    - Registered Beneficiary: Transfer to a pre-registered beneficiary with a daily limit of BHD 1,000 per debit account.
    - One Time Payment: Transfer to any local IBAN without prior registration with a daily limit of BHD 100 per debit account within the Fawri+ daily limit of BD 1,000.      
  8. For One Time Payment, enter the Beneficiary IBAN using the virtual keyboard  
  9. Select the account you want to transfer from.   
  10. Enter the transfer amount using the virtual keypad
  11. Enter Remittance Information using the virtual keyboard if necessary
  12. Press on the ‘Proceed’ button    
  13. Press on the 'Confirm' button     

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