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Cardless Withdrawal

The new Cardless Withdrawal service from BBK allows you to perform cash withdrawals directly and securely from any BBK ATM using your Personal Identity Number and mobile phone only.

After entering your Personal Identity Number, you will receive a  temporary PIN in an SMS on your registered mobile number. Simply enter the temporary PIN you have received in the ATM screen, select the card number, and enter its PIN for an extra layer of security.

It’s easy, convenient and secure.

Tutorial steps:

  1. Touch on the ATM screen or press any button to start
  2. Confirm or select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’ option
  3. Enter Personal Identification Number when prompted
  4. Enter the temporary 4-digit PIN sent in an SMS to your registered mobile number into the ATM Screen
  5. Select the preferred debit card number
  6. Enter the debit card PIN related to the selected card
  7. After successful entry, you will be able to withdraw cash from the accounts related to the debit card

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