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eRemittance to India

Create and Transfer beneficiaries through Internet Retail Banking by using an Authorization Password to facilitate transfer of funds from your personal account to any valid account in India for a small fee of BD 1 only.



Create an eRemittance Beneficiary




Click on ‘Retail login’ under Internet Banking.


Log in to Internet Banking by entering your Customer ID and ePIN.


Under Transfers, select eRemittance then Beneficiary Maintenance.


Select the new button to create a new eRemittance Beneficiary.


Enter the Reference Number (for personal use), Beneficiary Account Number and Beneficiary Account Name. Select the Beneficiary Bank Name, City and Branch hen click on the 'Submit' button.


In the confirmation page, enter the ‘Transaction OTP’ or ‘Authorization Password’ as per your security setting preferences



Dual Factor Authentication registered customers using the Smartphone Application

7.1 After submitting the request, you will be required to verify your request in the confirmation screen using a Transaction One Time Password (OTP).

7.2 To generate the required Transaction OTP, open 'BBK Pass' application installed on your mobile phone, then select one of the below methods:



A) Transaction OTP

Enter the numbers from fields 1, 2, and 3 appearing in Internet Banking into the BBK Pass application

B) Transaction OTP using QR Code

Scan the QR Code using the phone's camera and get the Transaction OTP instantly.

7.3 Enter the 6-digit 'Generated Transaction OTP' into the Internet Banking page before the password expires (30 seconds).

7.4 Click on the 'Submit' button

Upon successful entry, the request will be approved instantly.

* In case the Transaction OTP has expired, you are required to repeat the same process for a new valid OTP.



Dual Factor Authentication registered customers using the SMS Method &  Non-registered Dual Factor Authentication customers


7.1 Enter your *Authorisation Password in the confirmation screen.

7.2 Upon successful entry, beneficiary requests will remain pending until verified by the Bank.


* An Authorization Password is required for online beneficiary creation and cheque book requests. To  request one, in Internet Banking go to the 'Preferences' menu and then select 'Authorisation Password'. Your request will be processed accordingly and will
be mailed to your registered address.



Click on the 'Submit' button.  




eRemittance Transfer


1        Access 
2Click on ‘Retail login’ under Internet Banking 
3Log in to Internet Banking by entering your Customer ID and ePIN*
4Under Transfer, select eRemittance then Transfer
5Please select the Beneficiary you want to transfer to, the account you want to transfer from, transfer amount and currency and then press submit
6Select the 'Confirm' button




Transaction processed successfully!
The payment will take effect in the beneficiary account in India within a maximum of three working days





*ePIN is a 6-8 digit number used to access the Internet Banking, Mobile Banking,  SMS Banking, Telebanking and eStatement. If you do not have an ePIN, please click here and follow the instructions to generate an ePIN to access your account online.



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