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Push Messages

Step 1 Registration


1.1  To register for SMS Banking, you must first login to “My Profile” page, which can be accessed through any of the following locations:
1.1.1  My Profile” page on using your PC
1.1.2 BBK website under the eServices section.
1.1.3 “My Profile” link available on BBK Internet Retail Banking at the top left corner after successful login.
1.2 Enter your CPR number in the “Customer ID” section and your ePIN* and then click “Submit” to login to “My Profile”.
*ePIN is a 6-8 digit number used to access the Internet Retail Banking, Telebanking, SMS (My Profile) and Mobile banking. If you do not have an ePIN, please refer to the BBK website and follow the instructions to generate an ePIN to access your account online.
2.1 Enter your primary mobile number and secondary mobile number if available.
2.2 Select your preferred language.
2.3 Select a specific time period where you do not wish to receive any alerts.
2.4 Click “Submit” to send the registration request.
2.5 Upon successful submission, you will receive a message confirming service activation.

Step 2 Service Activation

1.1 Upon successful login, the following options will appear under the main menu of “My Profile” page:
  • Profile Maintenance
  • Alert Maintenance
  • Short Names Maintenance
  • Report
1.2 Under “Profile Maintenance”, you can:
  • Select “My Profile” to update your profile details.
  • Select “Block/Unblock Services” to block or unblock the SMS service for all or certain notification types.

 Step 3 Push Messages  

Push Messages are messages that are automatically sent by the bank as and when a certain transaction or event takes place on your registered account(s).
Customers will automatically receive notifications for the push services that were selected during registration.


  •  ePIN online generation

  • Mobile number change

  • Deposit account status change
  • Authorisation Password change

  • Login to Internet Retail Banking


  • E-Channel login account lock



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