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What is BBK Group?
It is comprised of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait and all its overseas branches & representative offices and Bank’s wholly owned subsidiaries CrediMax and Invita.

When was BBK established? 
In the year 1971 and started operations in the year 1972
Who are current BBK’s major shareholders? The current major shareholders are Social Insurance Organization (Kingdom of Bahrain), Ithmaar Holding (Kingdom of Bahrain), and Kuwait Investment Authority (State of Kuwait). For more details on the ownership structure please refer to the latest annual report published on this platform.

How many offices does BBK have? 
BBK’s main office is in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain and it has overs branches/representative offices in the Republic of India (4 branches), State of Kuwait (1 branch), UAE (representative office in Emirate of Dubai) and Republic of Turkey (representative office).

How many branches does BBK have in Bahrain? 
BBK has 8 conventional branches, 2 BBKPLUS/Digital branches, 7 financial malls and 42 stand-alone ATMs. 2 of the financial malls have BBKPLUS concepts.

Who is BBK’s share registrar?
Bahrain Clear Company (a subsidiary of Bahrain Bourse Company) is BBK’s share registrar and K. Fintech is a supporting agency for ancillary services such as holding the AGM/EGM.

How are BBK’s dividends distributed?
BBK’s Dividends are distributed through Bahrain Clear Company (BHC) preferably by signing an authorization letter to credit the dividends in the shareholders preferred bank account.

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