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Market Watch

Arab Market
CountryLastNet ChangePercentage Change
Tunisia General Index7174.755.370.07
Saudi General Index8508.93-80.82-0.94
Doha Sec. Mar. Index9877.1-17.84-0.18
Al-Quds Index520.72-2.62-0.5
Muscat SE General Index3927.9544.461.14
MASI Index11552.3300
Kuwait General Index6610.69-31.86-0.48
Egypt Hermes Index1348.65-7.6-0.56
Egypt's EGX 30 Index14364.42-62.4-0.43
Dubai Market Index2790.841.850.07
FTSE Nasdaq Dubai3196.12-13.14-0.41
BLOM Lebanese Index807.531.740.22
Bahrain S.E. Index1530.29-3.87-0.25
Amman Index1838.21-5.46-0.3
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange5040.62-28.19-0.56

Global Market
CountryLastNet ChangePercentage Change
Mexico Index(USD)39814.3932.980.08
NETHERLANDS AEX 813.627.560.94
NIKKEI 22520675.69-1.53-0.01
Hang Seng Stock Index26270.0438.50.15
Euro Stoxx 503112.5422.810.74
Swiss Market Index9859.6478.330.8
Amex Composite2431.7812.260.51
IBEX 358.69480.030.35
BEL20 Index3521.931.420.9
Sing Straits Times3123.9-12.05-0.38
Jakarta Composite6260.67-28.47-0.45
NASDAQ Composite Index8027.64428.220.35
NYSE Composite Index26229.831130.43
DAX Index11782.07116.231
Milan MIB 30 Index20.826680.311.51
ASX All Ordinaries6603.7-23.7-0.36
Dow Jones Industrial Average26227.38113.350.43
SP 500 Composite Index2900.51-23.14-0.79

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