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Market Watch

Arab Market
CountryLastNet ChangePercentage Change
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange4861.5423.970.5
Amman Index1829.2180.99
Bahrain S.E. Index1319.32-0.9-0.07
BLOM Lebanese Index960.943.710.39
FTSE Nasdaq Dubai3100.5129.220.95
Dubai Market Index2599.0525.60.99
Egypt's EGX 30 Index13002167.21.3
Egypt Hermes Index1272.3216.111.28
Kuwait General Index5387.53-0.54-0.01
MASI Index11228.53.40.03
Muscat SE General Index4448.1134.350.77
Al-Quds Index524.710.320.06
Doha Sec. Mar. Index10456.1422.580.22
Saudi General Index7914.2924.20.31
Tunisia General Index7276.92-16.26-0.22

Global Market
CountryLastNet ChangePercentage Change
NIKKEI 22521543.2-59.55-0.28
Hang Seng Stock Index26524.35337.641.29
Euro Stoxx 502869.399.210.32
Swiss Market Index8861.3413.430.15
Amex Composite2412.64-9.04-0.37
Mexico Index(USD)41522.79624.941.53
IBEX 358.97030.111.24
BEL20 Index3412.3613.180.39
Sing Straits Times3111.0811.090.36
Jakarta Composite6177.9468.811.13
NASDAQ Composite Index7109.319-39.16-0.55
NYSE Composite Index24649.36-27.77-0.11
DAX Index10952.5525.240.23
Milan MIB 30 Index19.114360.150.79
ASX All Ordinaries5697.2-30.1-0.53
Dow Jones Industrial Average24640.61-56.9-0.23
SP 500 Composite Index2651.0714.290.54

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