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BBK enters new phase of innovation with tailored service to preserve and sustain wealth

BBK Privé now available to affluent clients across the Gulf region – its offerings a 360 degree of relationship including loans, deposits, investments and portfolio management.

BBK, Bahrain's pioneer in retail and commercial banking, is writing the next chapter in its history of constant innovation with the launch of BBK Privé, a tailored service for our most affluent clients.

BBK Privé is a private banking and wealth management initiative that offers a comprehensive range of banking and lifestyle solutions. Its birth marks the latest evolution of BBK’s commitment to customer service, a hallmark of our bank since its foundation in 1971. Our customers, having built their wealth through decades of hard work, now require a service to preserve and sustain that wealth for generations to come.
BBK Privé’s activities are not limited to Bahrain but extend to customers across the Gulf region, modelled on European private banking and the highest international standards.

BBK Chief Executive Reyadh Yousif Sater said: “BBK Privé expresses the core values of BBK in a new and exciting way. BBK has become a world-class bank that uses next-generation technology to uphold and refine a tradition of service. Our goal is to go that extra mile, and that means customer service of the highest quality, as well as tailored financial products and services that meet the long-term needs of individuals and families – growing, managing and protecting your money.”

BBK Privé will give clients an integrated banking service that covers assets, liabilities, investment products and other features that suit their banking needs and lifestyle, such as personalised advice on financial products as well as investments and portfolio management. BBK Privé will also incorporate the specialist knowledge of Aegila ¬– our London-based investment and advisory associate that is focused on real estate opportunities in the UK and Europe – and share this expertise with clients in creating personal property portfolios.
“BBK Privé will differentiate itself by providing an evolving range of products that respond to the needs of our wealthiest clients, delivering an exceptional calibre of service to meet their lifestyle expectations,” Mr Sater added.

For more information visit the BBK Privé website at, telephone
+973 17 10 10 10 or visit the BBK Privé lounge on the second floor of BBK headquarters in Manama.
The official launch of BBK Privé took place on  April 24th , 2019 during the press conference held at the Capital Club in Bahrain.

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