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Multiple choice suggested questions to rate customers’ overall experience with BBK:

1) Do you believe that BBK provides a range of products and services that satisfy your needs?

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2) Based on your recent experience with BBK, how would you rate your level of satisfaction with the way your complaint was handled?

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3) In terms of BBK’s e-services (i.e. ATMs, BBK website), how would you rate their availability, easiness to use, and efficiency?

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4) Do you believe that BBK’s ATM machines are conveniently located around Bahrain?

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5) As a result of your experience with BBK, do you believe that our customer service representatives provide your banking services efficiently and in a timely manner?

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6) How would you rate your satisfaction with BBK in comparison to other local commercial banks in Bahrain?

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7) Will you recommend BBK to your friends and family?

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8) Do you have any comments and/or suggestions?

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