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Restrict Debit Card Overseas Usage

Enjoy the convenience of using your BBK Debit Card anywhere in the world! For enhanced security of your BBK Debit Card, you now have the option to restrict your card’s overseas usage!

For your added peace of mind, you can now customize the restrictions on the usage of your card in selected counties, for specific transaction types, whether on ATMs or via POS, and/or for specified periods of time as per your preference and at your own convenience.

You can customize the use of your BBK Debit card internationally by requesting to restrict any or a combination of the following:

  • Country
    Example: Stop my card use in Jamaica
  • Transaction Type (ATM and/or POS)
    Example: Stop my POS card transactions internationally
  • Industry Segment
    Example: Block my card use by any Casino entity
  • Period (from and to date)
    Example: Stop my card’s international transactions between February 2nd, 2018 and March 2nd,  2018

Note: If you decide not to avail this feature, your international card transactions will continue as usual.

Call us today or visit your nearest branch for more information.

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