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Starmaker Account

Give your child a Brighter head start


STARMAKER is designed exclusively for your young people up to the age of 18, to help them develop
the practice of money management, so that they can get more for their money.

Your child’s savings earn "interest". This is money they earn for depositing with BBK, and it helps their
savings grow a little faster.

At Starmaker, the amount of interest they earn is in steps. It means the more money they have in
the account, the more interest they earn.

Your children can also withdraw money at BBK ATMs in Bahrain, BENEFIT Switch, GCC Net and any ATM
that displays the Visa logo.

Every month BBK will send your child a "statement", which is a list of all the money that
have put in or taken out of the account, and the interest that have been earned.

 Features & Benefits

  • Account can be opened for children up to the age of 18.
  • Initial deposit of only BD 10 with no minimum balance charge.
  • “Visa Electron” debit card with worldwide acceptance (only for ATM usage and cannot be utilized for POS payments).
  • Account statement sent on a monthly basis.
  • Free monthly standing order from the parent’s account to the Starmaker Account.

 Documents required

  • Birth certificate.
  • Original CPR/Smart Card and Passport of both the child and the guardian.

Call BBK on 17 20 7777 and give your child a Brighter head start

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