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BBK Infinite Cards

BBK Infinite Card Benifits:

  1. Complimentary access to over 1000 airport lounges globally through LoungeKey. Sign up for the mobile app, visit
  2. With multi-trip travel insurance, you as the cardholder and your family are covered on all trips up to 90 days in duration including COVID-19.
    • Personal Accident Benefits up to US$ 500,000 (International)
    • Personal Accident Benefits up to US$ 100,000 (Domestic)
    • Emergency Medical Expenses up to US$ 2,500,000
    • Evacuation and Repatriation Expenses up to US$ 500,000
    • Hospital Daily Cash $100 per day up to US$ 3,000
    • Trip cancellation/curtailment up to US$ 7,500
    • Delayed departure US$ 75 per hour up to US$ 1,000
    • Baggage delay US$ 42 per hour up to US$ 500
    • Missed Departure benefits up to US$ 1,500
    • Missed Connection Benefits US$ 500
    • Loss of personal belongings up to US$ 2,500
    • Cover cardholder, spouse and up to 5 children; maximum age limit 80 for all. For any
    claims, email [email protected]

  3. Visa Premium Concierge: 24-hour concierge provides a personal service, taking care of all the

    details. Servicing in English, Arabic, and French, concierge agents can help with:
    Restaurant advice, Booking tables, Travel arrangements: booking flights, hotels, car rental, hotel transfers, tourist advice, Shopping recommendations, sourcing a product, Arranging a special gift, and sending flowers.
    Concierge Hotlines
    International Numbers: +971 4361 1234
    Local Numbers:
    United Arab Emirates: 80004413487
    Oman: 96880074191 Bahrain: 80004197
    Pakistan: 0080090044051 Saudi Arabia: 8008443488
    Egypt: Step 1 – Dial (AT&T) 0225100200 then, Step 2- Dial 8006092753
    Jordan: Step 1 – Dial (AT&T) 18800000 then, Step 2- Dial 8006092535
    Lebanon: Step 1 – Dial (AT&T) 1426801 then, Step 2- Dial 8006571363
    Morocco: Step 1 – Dial (AT&T) 00211011 then, Step 2- Dial 8006092753
    Alternatively, email [email protected]

  4. Concierge Digital services: Digital Concierge is available to in English, Arabic, and French. Cardholders can register by visiting Talk to Lifestyle Managers any time of day and night via the Live Chat!
    • Browse and book flights, hotels, car rental on-the-go.
    • Reserve tables online via a click of button in premium restaurants, including those that
    • are hard-to-get.
    • Select and book tickets & hospitality packages for most exclusive music, theatre and
    • sporting events.
    • Browse through the collection of benefits covering vast range of products and services.

    Previously registered cardholder should call concierge to have an activation email sent.

  5. Concierge WhatsApp services: Cardholder will be able to chat to Lifestyle Managers any time of day and night via the WhatsApp.
    Adding the provided phone numbers to the contact list will enable starting the chat:
    For English: +44 7874 023129
    For French: +44 7520 631646
    For Arabic: +44 7520 631645
    The first chat will contain Terms and Conditions (disclaimer) and a confirmation that this chat is coming from the registered account of “Ten Concierge”. As soon as Concierge receives the message, the name of the Lifestyle Manager who has joined the conversation will appear. The concierge service will request the cardholder first and last name and email/Member ID in a response message in order to complete the verification. Ten Concierge may share links and send images via links in response, but is will not be able to transmit voice messages or attachments. The present phone number is for text messages only, attempts to call or video call will be automatically declined.
    For New Users:
    Concierge will reply to the first WhatsApp message with a request for to call. Call back and provide telephone number for further communication between cardholder and Concierge. This is to verify the card number and complete the profile and registration.

  6. Fraudulent Card Misuse Protection: Cardholders will be protected against unauthorized transactions or fraudulent use of their card by unrelated third parties. This insurance benefit will provide reimbursement up to USD 3,000 per occurrence with USD 5,000 annual
    aggregate limit for the Cardholders.
    Cover applies to:
    Unauthorized charges for which cardholder is responsible that occur 48 hours prior to the cardholder first reporting loss or theft of their Visa Signature card to the issuer.

  7. You receive 12% off when they book promotion eligible properties using your Visa Infinite card on the Visa Agoda website.
  8. It doubles the repair period offered by the original manufacturer’s warranty for up to 1 year, protecting you against the cost of repair and replacement of an item. For any claims, you should email [email protected]
  9. Buyers Protection provides you with an extra peace of mind when purchasing an eligible item. Using your Visa card or payment device to pay for an Eligible Item, purchased instore or online, you will receive complimentary Buyers Protection Insurance, providing cover for theft, accidental damage or non-delivery of eligible purchases, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the policy. For any claims, you should email [email protected]
  10. 20% off 3 Careem rides monthly when pay with Visa Infinite card. 50% off 3 Careem Food & Shop orders every month when paying with Visa Infinite card. 10% credit back on Careem Bike rentals. Visa also gives discounted airport transfers with Careem when paying with Visa Infinite card.Find out more here:
  11. “Event Ticket Cancellation provides you with an extra peace of mind when purchasing event tickets with your Visa Infinite card. With Event Ticket Cancellation, you can simply focus on enjoying unique experiences.
    You will be reimbursed if you cannot attend an Event as a result of certain unavoidable
    circumstances including:
    Unforeseen serious illness, injury or death.
    The Common Carrier being used to get to the Event location does not run to its scheduled
    timetable; or
    The vehicle you are travelling breaks down or have an accident or is delayed. Events include but are not limited to an official sporting occasion, music concert, exhibition, educational / cultural tour, cinema, theatre, theme park or military display.
    Provides cover up to $250 per ticket, $1,000 per occurrence.
    Ticket must be purchased by Visa Infinite Card.

To view Infinite Credit Cards Application Form, please click here

To view Infinite Credit Cards Services and Fees guide, please click here

To view Infinite Credit Cards Terms and Conditions, please click here

To apply to your BBK Credit Card, please call +973 17 500 600 or visit your nearest BBK Branch.

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