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Safe Deposit Lockers

Need security for your most valuable items? Want to protect your valuables against theft or burglary? Wish to take advantage of a solution that’s specially designed for maximum security? BBK Safe Deposit Locker facility offers the security you need.

Whether you have a need to secure jewelry, legal documentation, company records or personal paperwork, the Safe Deposit Lockers facility can deliver the peace of mind you need.

Hurry up & book your locker, limited quantity!

Features & Benefits

  • Safe Lockers ensure that valuables are safely guarded.
  • Lockers available in various sizes, i.e. small, medium and large (Rental rates vary according to size).
  • Lockers are rented out for a minimum period of one year; rent being payable in advance.
  • The rent may be conveniently paid from your account with us.
  • Lockers can be accessed by owners and designated delegates only.
  • Please click here for Service fees and charges.


Our Safe Deposit Lockers are available in our main branch and our Financial Mall in Isa Town.

Safe Deposit Lockers Rental

  Main Branch
Isa Town






Safe Deposit Locker hire is available to individuals (over 21 years), groups of individuals, corporate and other companies.


For more information, please call BBK on 17 20 7777

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