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Western Union

A brighter way to send money home.

For over 135 years, millions of people have trusted Western Union to support family back home, rescue travelers in emergency, and keep business operating smoothly. Each transfer can be verified with a unique Money Transfer Control Number. With Western Union, your money will be paid out quickly, giving you peace of mind.

Money is received minutes after it is sent. Western Union uses advanced electronic technology and a worldwide computer network for fast payout in more than 200 countries and territories.

Western Union agents are located where you need them. All 15 BBK branches located around Bahrain are fully equipped and trained to be ready to receive your instructions. That , in addition to more than 364,000 agent locations worldwide, makes Western Union one of the world’s largest money transfer networks.

Send Money

Easy steps to sending money:

Step 1: Go to your nearest BBK branch
Step 2:  Provide the required information to the teller along with the money and a valid  form of identification.
Step 3: You will be provided with a pre-printed “To Send Money Receipt” for you to check the information and sign upon agreement.
Step 4: Your final receipt will include a  10-digit “Money Transfer Control Number” (MTCN)
Step 5: Quote the MTCN and the sent amount to the receiver and they can receive the money at any Western Union agent location around the world within minutes.

Receive Money

Easy steps for receiving money:

Step 1: After you have been notified about the transfer and obtained the MTCN, visit your nearest BBK branch with a valid form of identification .
Step 2: Provide all the required information (Sender’s Name, Country of Origin, the Amount Expected, and the MTCN) with your ID to the teller.
Step 3: The teller will verify the transaction and will hand you the money and a copy of your receipt.


Gold Card Rewards Program. Gold Benefits!

The Gold Card enables you to take advantage of unique benefits and rewards. And the more you send money, the better it gets... So make
 every transaction count and start earning the benefits you deserve!

Your Gold Experience

When you send money with your Gold Card, the transaction becomes faster and more convenient since all your pre-registered information is automatically available, which allows us to serve you faster. But that's just the beginning!

Your Gold Rewards

Every time you send money with your Gold Card at any WU location, you earn points that you can exchange towards savings on your next transaction fees!

Western Union is pleased to present to its respected Gold Card Customers its effective Rewards Program. The new earning rule is for every 1 BHD paid as Western Union Fees, the Gold Card Customer earns10 Redemption Points.

New Redeeming Rule

Redemption Points Discount Fee
40 points 0.5 BHD
75 points 1  BHD
150 points 2  BHD
250 points 3  BHD

Your Gold Offers

Being a Western Union Gold Member opens the door to a wealth of Gold Offers exclusively designed for you. There is much more to come! Look out for news & updates on your Gold Benefits.


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