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Security tips

  • Nominate one primary mobile phone number for the SMS Banking service. BBK will send the Pull and Push SMS messages to the registered number only.
  • Kindly reply only to the confirmation SMS messages sent for fund transfers by BBK SMS Banking with a confirmation key in the format of “CK XXXX”.
  • Do not respond and provide account or security details to a request supposedly received from BBK via the SMS Alert Service by SMS message or carry out any transactions.
  • If you receive an SMS message requesting you to call a number other than BBK’s Call Centre (+973 17 207777), you should ignore such request and should not respond to the call.
  • If the promotions include offers of gifts or souvenirs, please contact BBK’s Call Centre to clarify the matter before proceeding further.
  • It is recommended that you set up your own short name for accounts and cards through “My Profile” to protect your privacy.
  • Do not disclose your SIM Card PIN Code or BBK SMS short names to any third party and should always take adequate care to protect these.
  • Do not write the SIM Card PIN Code or BBK SMS short names anywhere in any form that any third party could access to the same.
  • Always check the sender of SMS message to ensure that they are genuine and have been sent by BBK only. Clear all financial and unwanted details from your mobile frequently to avoid misuse.
  • Do not disclose any personal information (account numbers, passwords, or personal information etc) via text message.
  • Do not get tempted to ‘jailbreak’ your smart phone, as this makes it vulnerable to malware.
  • When possible, use a safe and secure network by ensuring that all Internet connections are password protected.
  • Use only trusted applications; always download mobile applications from reputable sources only.
  • Do not store your passwords on your smart phone and never try to hide your passwords or PIN numbers within the body of text messages or as phone numbers.
  • Use Wi-Fi™ hot spots that are reputable and password protected only. If you connect to a shared Wi-Fi™ hotspot, you are completely dependent on the security of the host network. If the network is unsecured, it is open to high risk of fraudulent transactions.
  • If you sell or discard your smart phone, ensure you delete all personal details such as SMS messages, emails, photographs, contact details and Internet links immediately.

For more information, please call 17 20 7777

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