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With the MaxWallet app, an electronic digital wallet, you can perform in-store contactless payments and cross border remittances by storing all of your payment and card information in one convenient and secure place.

The features of the MaxWallet app include: 

1. Simple user registration and biometric login 
2. Easy way to store your favorite cards
3. View the latest offers and discounts
4. View your transaction history details

Through this app, you can pay retail stores faster by simply scanning a QR code when selecting ‘Scan to Pay’ as well as perform cross border payments to more than 25 countries across the globe when selecting ‘Send Money’. The service leverages the security of the Mastercard network and robust capabilities to ensure safe and secure transactions and cross-border transfers to customers.

Scan to Pay: This feature allows shoppers to purchase and pay by scanning a QR code at the store's register as an alternative to cash payments.

Send Money: Through this feature, customers holding eligible BBK debit cards can conveniently perform cross border payments to bank accounts, mobile wallets and cash-out locations to more than 25 countries with great transparency, reliability, enhanced security and faster delivery. Sending money abroad has never been easier, faster & cheaper before!

To avail these features, BBK customers must download the MaxWallet App first, which is available for both Android and iOS devices on App Store and Google Play, then register. After the registration is complete, add and register your BBK debit card.

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