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​​​Rest Assured with InvestSecura
Accumulation saving plan for a secure future

InvestSecura takes the stress out of long-term security and helps you achieve your dreams at your own pace. InvestSecura is a wealth accumulation plan that can help you secure the future you’ve always wanted.

Why InvestSecura?

  • Systematic investment plan that serves long term savings.
  • Facilitates wealth accumulation for retirement or buying a house.
  • Additional protection through riders.
  • A wide range of funds (fully Shari’ah compliant) available for investment.
  • Provides Cover Continuance Benefit.
  • Easy liquidity options available after the lock-in-period.
  • Booster Contribution can be made at anytime.
  • Waiver of BBK’s internal standing order charges for the periodic transfers of contributions from your bank account to the Medgulf Allianz Takaful account.
  • Waiver of BBK’s minimum balance charges for your bank account that is linked to the Medgulf Allianz Takaful account.


  1. What is the eligibility to apply for InvestSecura?
     If your current age is between 18 years to 75 years, you are eligible to apply for InvestSecura.
  2. 2. What is the maximum age to avail the coverage from InvestSecura?
     You can avail the coverage up to the age of 85 years.
  3. 3. What are the plan terms available for InvestSecura?
     You can choose between 5 years, 10 years and 20 years.
  4. 4. What are the minimum and maximum life covers I can choose from in InvestSecura?
     The minimum life cover that you can avail in InvestSecura is nil. The maximum you can avail is 5 times your annual contribution.
  5. 5. What is the minimum contribution for InvestSecura?
     The minimum contribution is BHD 500/- per year for BHD currency plan and USD 1,500/- per year for USD currency plan. However, on monthly mode, the minimum contribution is BHD 50/- per month for BHD currency plan and USD 150/- per month for USD currency plan. Other payment modes are also available such as quarterly (BHD 125/USD 375) and semi-annually (BHD 250/USD 750).
  6. 6. What is the benefit for my family in case I meet with any unfortunate event (God forbid) if I have InvestSecura?
     As a participant, in case you meet with an unfortunate event of death (God forbid), your family would get paid the life cover amount plus the investment fund value plus any share in the surplus from the takaful fund.
  7. 7. What do I get back at the time of maturity from InvestSecura?
     You will get back the investment fund value plus any share in the surplus from the takaful fund at the time of maturity.
  8. 8. In case I need money in an emergency, can I withdraw it from InvestSecura?
     Yes. You can withdraw money partially or fully. Partial redemption is available anytime after the completion of 2 years, subject to maintaining a minimum of BHD 350/- or USD 1,000/- in the account.
     However, full surrender is available anytime during the policy term, subject to surrender charge equal to the wakala fees payable for the balance term of the policy if the surrender is made before the completion of 2 years and payment of related contributions.
  9. 9. What is Cover Continuance Benefit in InvestSecura?
     Cover Continuance Benefit is a unique feature that provides you continued protection, even if you stop paying your regular contributions. Your policy shall be kept in-force by cancellation of units at the prevailing unit price to make your donations to the takaful fund, so long as there are units to support such contributions for at least 3 months.
  10. 10. What is Booster Contribution?
     Booster Contribution is an option that allows you to invest surplus money at anytime to make it grow faster. The minimum Booster Contribution should be BHD 175/USD 500.
  11. What are the additional benefits or riders available with InvestSecura?
     You can also add the available riders – (a) Accidental Death Benefit, (b) Critical Illness Benefit, (c) Permanent Partial Disability Benefit, (d) Permanent Total Disability Benefit, and (e) Waiver of Contribution Benefit due to Permanent Total Disability.
  12. What are the other benefits I can get from InvestSecura?
     The other benefits that you can avail are (a) funds switching (6 times free every year), (b) contribution redirection to different funds, (c) increase and decrease in regular contribution on policy anniversary, and (d) increase and decrease in life cover on policy anniversary and (e) ability to make a Booster Contribution at anytime.

An illustrative example of InvestSecura
Annual Contribution : BHD 1,500
Age at Entry : 30 years
Plan Term : 20 years
Life Cover : Nil
Payment Frequency : Annual

End of Policy Year   Attained Age   Accumulated Contributions (BHD)   Assumed Fund Value (BHD)
  @5% p.a.  @10% p.a.
10  40 15,000  17,396 22,493
15  45  22,500  30,905 46,299
20  50  30,000 48,146  84,638

The given illustrations are for a healthy male. The given maturity values are net of all charges. Since your plan offers variable returns, the given illustration shows two different rates (5% p.a. & 10% p.a.) of assumed future investment returns.

Adherence to your principles
Takaful, which means “guaranteeing each other”, observes the rules and regulations of Islamic law (Shari’ah). BBK’s partnership with Medgulf Allianz Takaful means that this Secura plan is built on the principles of mutual cooperation and shared responsibilities. By securing a Medgulf Allianz Takaful product through BBK’s Secura, you cooperate with other Participants for the common good. You, therefore, contribute positively to providing quality of life for all and upholding the dignity of individuals, families, and our society in general.

As a participant to the mutual system, you may be eligible to receive a share of any declared surplus from the Participants Takaful Fund. Distribution of the surplus is in accordance to the Medgulf Allianz Takaful’s Surplus Policy as approved by its Shari’ah Supervisory Board.

We are at your assistance
We know that choosing the right investment product is not an easy task. Hence, our expert Financial Consultants are available to assist you in structuring a proper financial plan that meets your financial objectives. You can also feel free to contact our Customer Service Personnel anytime for assistance. We are happy to assist you.

Important Notice:
This brochure contains only general information. It does not constitute an offer to buy or sell a Takaful plan or service nor is it intended to provide any financial advice. Any person interested in this plan should read and consider its complete Terms and Conditions before making a decision. Please request the same from our authorised Financial Consultants.

For more details on SECURA, please visit any BBK branch,, or contact us on any of the following:
BBK Contact Centre: 17207777, Email: [email protected]
Rest Assured with InvestSecura


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