Welcome to BBK Privé,
private banking and wealth
management for the next
year, next decade and
next generation.

Our banking heritage, regional relationships and global connections enable us to provide a 360-degree relationship including loans, deposits, investments, and portfolio management.

Dr. AbdulRahman Ali Saif

Group Chief Executive

We are delighted to provide this unique offering to our valued clients. Our promise is to serve you with pride and distinction.

Mohamed Al Rayes

Head of Investment & Private Banking


  • BBK was founded in 1971, the same year the Kingdom of Bahrain achieved its independence. We have grown alongside our country and its pioneers. After decades in which the hard work of our forefathers succeeded in creating wealth, today there is a heightened need to preserve and sustain that wealth. What the first generation built, the second must nourish for the benefit of the third.

    With these principles in mind, we at BBK always strive to serve the needs of our affluent clients. BBK Privé is a new private banking and wealth management initiative offering an array of banking and lifestyle solutions ranging from credit products to alternative investment options, and from portfolio management to complementary offerings such as tax planning and concierge service.
  • BBK Privé is the next chapter in our long history of constant innovation. BBK has become a world-class bank that uses next-generation technology to uphold and refine a tradition of service. Our goal is to go that extra mile for you.

    This means customer service at the highest level, as well as tailored financial products and services that will meet all of your family’s future needs.

    Your personal private banker will work closely with BBK’s experts to coordinate the development and administration of your customised needs. They will be your single point of contact, committed to your future and responsible for the affairs you have entrusted to BBK Privé.


Our specialist expertise, innovative thinking, and resolute focus on clients’ goals will combine to give you a distinct edge in wealth preservation and creation.

  • Understanding your needs and aspirations is an important first step in developing a wealth management strategy. At BBK Privé, we will work with you to build customised services and advice designed to attain your long-term goals.

    One of the most valuable skills we harness is an ability to help you remain focused on long-term goals. With decades of experience in finance, our experts understand that wealth management requires strategies for both boom times and challenging periods.
  • To this end, BBK Privé offers unique insight and access to global resources, helping you design a plan to achieve the things that are most important to you and your family in the long run. We leverage BBK’s specialist teams in banking, treasury, investment, fiduciary, custody and insurance services – integrating Aegila, the bank’s London-based investment and advisory associate.

    Our operating structure enables us to provide clients with a full financial relationship including loans, deposits, investments and portfolio management.


Providing services of the highest standard is our core policy. BBK Privé offers a full complement of services to our private clients.

As with any relationship, our first step is to invite you to sit with us, so we can properly understand your outlook and provide you with solutions that support your aspirations.

Credit products
Credit cards, automatic overdraft accounts, loans against financial assets, margin lending loans and property loans.

Multi-currency and multi-type deposits with advantageous rates for higher returns. Deposit accounts and forex transactions in all major currencies for immediate settlement or forward delivery.
Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, exclusive global real estate deals and other alternative investment options.

Portfolio management
Ongoing management of investments, constantly monitoring and refining underlying exposures to ensure client returns fulfil agreed objectives.

Equity and fixed income brokerage, as well as foreign currency management at preferential rates.
Complementary services
BBK Privé is geared to provide a wide range of additional services to support clients’ lifestyle needs.

Our range of complementary services include estate and tax planning, insurance and concierge services.


Protecting your financial legacy lies at the heart of everything we do. Our foremost priority is to preserve and enhance capital, generating returns that deliver sustainable growth.

  • As a BBK Privé client, you will enjoy access to a range of products and services that can be used as part of a comprehensive plan to protect, build and manage your wealth.

    Your personal private banker is a skilled advisor who can assist with the establishment of wealth management solutions to preserve your wealth and fulfil your goals, while respecting your risk appetite. We can further protect your longterm interests through estate planning and wealth transference strategies.
  • BBK Privé is a safe harbour for your financial legacy. We are licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain and are part of an expanding financial network that spans the UK, Turkey, Kuwait, the UAE, and India.

    Our parent BBK is a solid, trustworthy bank whose achievements in customer service are regularly recognised by experts and peers.

    In 2017, BBK was named Bahrain’s Best Retail Bank for the fifth successive year by Global Banking and Finance Review, reflecting our high calibre of customer service.

Aegila Capital


Aegila is BBK’s London-based investment arm, specialising in UK and European real estate.

The firm has proven expertise in global investment value creation – originating, executing and managing exclusive opportunities that seamlessly dovetail with BBK Privé products and services.

The Aegila team of investment specialists are skilled in real estate deal structuring and hands-on investment management. Your personal private banker can leverage Aegila’s expertise, insights and opportunities to help achieve your goals.
As a BBK Privé client, you have access to Aegila’s exclusive off-market investment opportunities in the real estate sector in the UK and Europe. You will also be able to access the expertise of the Aegila team for advice on the optimal timing of investments as part of your overall wealth management strategy and creation of a personal property portfolio.

Our promise: to act
on your behalf with pride
Our promise:
to act on your
behalf with pride

  • BBK Privé reflects our region’s tradition of hospitality. Our advisors and support team are trained to deliver an exclusive and intelligent service, and we welcome the opportunity to prove our brand values as we work together.

  • Personal
    Our first objective is to intimately understand your financial situation, preferences and aspirations.

  • Relevant
    The products and services we recommend will be carefully tailored to your circumstances and objectives.

  • Innovational
    We will constantly review global trends, offering you contemporary solutions and investment opportunities.

  • Valued
    Acknowledging the trust you place in BBK Privé, we will provide a respectful and highly discreet service.

  • Enduring
    Our ultimate goal is to protect your wealth for the next year, the next decade – and the next generation.