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Dial up for Brighter banking.


You can do all that and a whole lot more directly from your phone! Wherever you are, Telebanking service from BBK is here to help you dial up for brighter banking!

Telebanking is designed to offer you a wide range of services that can be achieved simply by using a telephone. After dialing the Telebank number 17214444 you will hear the welcome message and a friendly voice will lead you through the various services available. As you become more and more familiar with the system you will learn the access numbers of your most frequently used services.

For that purpose we have provided you with Quick Access numbers that can take you directly to the desired service or transaction.

Telebanking provides you with the flexibility of listening to the entire menu services and direct access where you can interrupt the spoken menu by choosing the required service for a transaction.  


  • Dial +973 1721 4444
  • Listen to the greeting message in Arabic and English
  • Select the preferred language and follow the menus using Customer ID (CPR) + ePIN

 BBK Accounts:

  • Balance: Obtain balance inquiry. 
  •   Inquiries:
    • Check current month’s statement. 
    • Check previous months’ statements (back to 12 months).
    • Print Statement by entering Fax number
  • Transfers:
    • Transfers in real-time  
    • Transfer funds between personal (own) accounts. 
    • Transfers to other internal BBK accounts or to an external bank accounts within Bahrain or abroad (processed the next working day, regular bank charges apply).
      • Beneficiaries may be registered online under ‘Transfer – Preset Instructions - Beneficiary Maintenance’ in Internet Retail Banking and using an Authorization password or by visiting any of BBK’s branches or Financial Malls and filling out the relevant application form
           Cheque Book reques
  • Utility Bill Payments:
    • Batelco 
      • Conduct bill inquiry 
      • Make real-time bill payment from account and credit card 
      • Make real-time SimSim top-up from account and credit card
    • Zain 
      • Conduct bill Inquiry 
      • Make real-time bill payment from account and credit card.  
      • Make real-time eeZee top-up from account and credit card
    • Electricity Bill payment

 CrediMax (Credit Card Services):

  • Credit Card balance inquiry: View balance 
  • Credit Card statement
    • Check current month’s statement. 
    • Check previous months’ statements (back to 6 months). 
      • Print Statement by entering Fax number
  • Credit Card payment: Make real-time credit card bill payment 
  • Stop Credit Card: Stop personal and supplementary credit card 
  • Change additional card credit limit
  • Maintain supplementary cards limit


  • Bank rates
  • Currency exchange and interest rate information. 
  • Change ePIN
  • Login ePIN : Change your ePIN by entering your current ePIN and selecting a new numeric password
  • Report lost or stolen cards

Call BBK on 17 20 7777 for Brighter banking at your fingertips

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