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How to register?

With the MaxWallet app, an electronic digital wallet, you can perform in-store contactless payments by simply scanning a QR code. You can also perform cross border remittances to more than 25 countries by storing all of your payment and card information in one convenient and secure place.

The features of the MaxWallet app include: 

  1. Simple user registration and biometric login  
  2. Easy way to store your favorite cards
  3. View the latest offers and discounts
  4. View your transaction history details


Registration steps:

  1. Download the MaxWallet App, available for both Android and iOS devices on App Store and Google Play
  2. Enter your mobile number and Personal ID (CPR) number
  3. Read and accept the 'Terms & Conditions' then tap on next
  4. Enter the 6-digit access code received by SMS to your mobile number
  5. Enter your personal info (first name, last name and your email)
  6. Enter your desired 6-digit wallet PIN
  7. Re-enter the desired PIN for confirmation and then submit
  8. For greater convenience, tap on the toggle button to enable biometric login


 Add your BBK Debit card and/or CrediMax Credit cards:

Select the menu icon  then go to 'Manage Cards', or in the landing page screen itself add your cards via the shortcut icon . To add your BBK debit card, follow the below steps.

  1. Enter your BBK debit card number then tap on next
  2. Enter the validity date of your card then tap on next
  3. Enter the cardholder name displayed on your card then tap on next
  4. Enter the CVV number placed on the backside of your card
  5. Enter your card's PIN code
  6. Once your BBK debit card registration is successful, you will be able to transact in MaxWallet app
    Note: An SMS of zero transaction amount will be sent to your mobile number for verification.

The following options are available to you to select from:


Scan to Pay 

As an alternative to cash payments, use the MaxWallet app to purchase and pay by scanning the QR code at any registered shop devices.


Send Money

1. Select the preferred registered BBK debit card in the ‘Select Payment Instrument’ screen
2. Select the country from the dropdown list or search by country name
3. Select the preferred delivery channel* available for the country selected

Delivery Channels*:
• Bank Account: sender to select the bank & branch from a list of available bank/branches
• Mobile Wallet: sender to select the bank & branch from a list of available bank/branches
• Cash Pick-up: sender to select the cash pickup location from the predefined list

4. Upon selection of the delivery channel, review and confirm your information
5. When confirmed, select the delivery channel provider and enter the details relating to the selected destination channel
6. Next, enter either the amount to send in BHD or the amount to receive in the destination’s currency and then select ‘Calculate’
7. The equivalent amount to send/receive and the total charged amount that includes the applicable fees and VAT will be calculated in real time and displayed on the screen

Note: the exchange rate provided will be valid for up to 15 minutes only and for that session

8. Following confirming the above, enter the beneficiary (receiver’s) details

Note: you also have the option to save the beneficiary details and assign a description to it for any future transfers

9. Confirm the transfer details 

  • Registered beneficiary:
1. Select the previously saved beneficiary
2. Select the payment instrument
3. Confirm the sender information
4. Enter the amount to send
5. View and confirm the transfer details

By selecting ‘Transaction History’ available in the main menu and then the ‘Transfers’ tab, you can view and download any of the transfers you have performed as well as share the transfer details with the beneficiary. 

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