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Private Banking & Wealth Management

BBK Wealth Management - BBK Privé provides a 360-degree bespoke relationship presenting an array of banking and lifestyle solutions in private banking.

As a BBK Privé client, you will gain access to exclusive products and services that will help grow, manage, and protect your wealth. A dedicated Private Banker will be assigned to assist you in establishing and implementing tailored financial products and services that will meet your family's current and future needs.



Achieving your long-term wealth management goals start with finding the right partner to help you grow and manage your assets.

At BBK Privé, we start the journey by understanding your needs and aspirations in order to curate customized services and practical strategies that will help you achieve your goals and sustain them in the long run.

Our wealth management experts are well-versed in creating adaptable solutions. We aim to offer you valuable insights, global industry knowledge, and access to the world's best financial resources, combined with our genuine desire to assist you and your family throughout your wealth management journey.



At BBK Privé, we believe that stellar service and expertly-curated solutions are the keys to customer satisfaction.

Our exclusive services include an array of financial solutions designed to help grow and manage your wealth:


Credit products

Credit cards, automatic overdraft accounts, loans against financial assets, Investment lending, and property loans.



Multi-currency and multi-type deposits with favorable rates for higher returns. Deposit accounts and forex transactions in all major currencies for immediate settlement or forward delivery.



Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, exclusive global real estate deals, and other alternative investment options.


Portfolio management

Ongoing management of investments, constantly monitoring and refining underlying exposures to ensure client returns fulfill agreed objectives.



Equity and fixed income brokerage and foreign currency management at preferential rates.


Complementary services

BBK Privé aims to provide a wide range of additional services to support clients' lifestyle needs, such as estate and tax planning, insurance, and concierge services.




At the heart of our business lies the desire to protect your financial legacy and enrich the lives of your loved ones.

We believe in the value of implementing sustainable financial solutions to protect your hard-earned wealth in the long run.


For more information, you may contact us at +973 17 10 10 10.

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