Manufacturing & Trade

A brighter business team.

Our Trade & Manufacturing team constitutes a specialised branch of CBD that deals specifically with banking needs of local-based corporate entities involved in trading & manufacturing activities. Our team manages a leading client portfolio composed of the largest players amongst both industries.

Equipped with the availability of a diverse range of raw materials, low cost of energy and a sustainable, and well-educated national workforce Bahrain has established a leading position in attracting well-capitalized trade & manufacturing industries. As such, our T&M team not only presently maintains a rich client-base, but also faces significant business opportunities arising from emerging presence of several players within the fields.

Enhance the corporate value of the companies

Our team’s effort takes focus to enhance the corporate value of the companies it banks with i.e. looking at a company’s overall worth, not just its income – to make sure that financial risks are minimal. Relationship Managers are expected to influence a variety of long-term and short-term decisionns regarding the corporation’s financial future. Most short-term decisions involve dealing with cash flow, managing inventory and general questions of credit and debt. Long-term decisions that a corporate banker would be responsible for involve what investments the company will make and what dividends would be paid out to shareholders.

To facilitate proper relationship management, our team works in co-ordination, co-operation, and collaboration with most of our other departmental teams.

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