Features and Benefits

  • Free of charge.

  • Secure and private acquisition of documents. An e-mail or SMS notification will be sent once your eStatement has been uploaded.

  • View, save, and print your eStatement conveniently.

  • View account statements up to 12 months prior.

  • Get secure and instant access to your eStatements, anytime, anywhere. Click here.

  • Environment-friendly banking: All documents can be accessed electronically to help save trees and reduce paper use.

How to access eStatement?

Follow the steps below to access your eStatements:

  • 1. Log onto

  • 2. Enter your Username/Customer ID, and Online Banking Password/ePIN.

  • 3. Upon successful login, select ‘eStatements’ from the
    main menu.

  • 4. Select the account number you wish to view its statements.

  • 5. Select ‘View’ of the statement month you wish to view.

  • 6. You may print or save your eStatement by selecting the respective icon placed at the top of the page or, alternatively, by choosing the ‘File’ menu in the upper left corner of the page and select the desired option.

  • 7. To manage your account profile settings, select ‘My Profile’ from the main menu.

  • Please visit the nearest BBK branch in person to get your official statement* printed on official bank letterhead, sealed and certified
    by the bank.

  • Note: The custom description will not be reflected in the official statement and will only be displayed for your personal use and reference.

  • For more information, please visit any BBK branches, or call us at 17 20 7777.

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