Open Banking

Open Banking provides two broad categories of services for the main benefit of improving customers’ financial experience. The first is “account information service” which allows customers to aggregately share their bank account information with licensed third-party providers without sharing their log-in credentials through a single platform.

The second category is “payment initiation service” which allows licensed third parties to initiate payments on behalf of customers to transfer funds between different customer accounts in a seamless manner through a mobile-based application. Open Banking enables Account Information Service Providers (AISPs) and Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) to obtain access to the customer’s banking, transactional, and other financial data with the customer’s consent using application programming interfaces (APIs).

The customer has always complete control over which services are used and which providers have access to their information. The customer also determines how long the AISP/PISP has access to their information.

Open Banking on BBK Mobile Banking App

  • Open Banking is available to all individuals who have access to BBK Mobile App.

  • Customers can get started by logging into BBK Mobile App, selecting ‘Hub’ from the main menu, navigating to ‘Other Services’ and selecting ‘Open banking’, and then following the steps.

BBK Developer Portal

Third-Party Service Providers (TPPs) in Bahrain can explore and access BBK’s Open Banking Service Developer Portal here.

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