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Mortgage Loans

We support your dream by offering attractive interest rates and flexible mortgage loan services, without the tedious and complex payment processes. Apply for BBK’s comprehensive Mortgage Loans now and take one step closer to owning your dream property.



Eligible for:

Note: Borrower’s age must not exceed 60 years or the average retirement age, whichever is higher at maturity. Self-employed borrowers must not exceed 65 years at maturity.

What are people asking?

What are BBK’s Real Estate services?

BBK offers mortgage, construction loans, and equity financing through a dedicated Real Estate Unit.

How soon can my application be approved?

Approvals are provided within five (3) working days upon submission of complete requirements.

Can I have a second mortgage on the property I have already mortgaged to another institution?

No, but BBK can refinance your existing property (subject to terms and conditions).

Can I settle my loans/liabilities with other banks/institutions?

You can consolidate all your loans/liabilities by applying for Equity Financing for your property (whether mortgaged or not).

Can I assign my existing life insurance policy?

Yes, provided it meets our requirements. The assignment of your life insurance policy is subject to review and acceptance of the policy by BBK.

Do I need to undergo medical examinations and check-ups for acceptance of life insurance coverage?

You will be required to fill up the life insurance questionnaire based on the insurance company’s assessment. After the evaluation, the insurance company will advise whether a medical check-up is required.

What happens if I decide to move out of Bahrain during the financing period?

You must immediately inform BBK so we can review your financial details. Afterward, we will advise you of the next steps of the process depending on our evaluation.

How are finance repayments conducted?

You can make finance repayments through monthly installments deducted from your BBK account.

Would I own the property during the financing period?

Yes, you own the property, but it is mortgaged in favor of BBK until you finish paying the full loan amount.

Can I get financing from BBK even if I have already paid a down payment to the developer or owner?

Yes, you can still get the financing from BBK. Please ensure you have a copy of the receipt/invoice for the down payment.

Can I arrange for the valuation of the property?

 No, BBK will arrange for an independent valuation through BBK’s Panel of Valuers approved and certified by RERA.

What is Equity Financing/Loan against Property?

Equity Financing is where an applicant mortgages an existing property with the bank and takes up to 80% of its value in cash. The applicant can then use the liquid asset acquired from the mortgaged property for any purpose, such as consolidating loans and covering other expenses such as basic needs, travel, and education.

What happens if I want to change houses during the financing period?

You can settle your finances by paying the outstanding dues in full or selling the house to a third party and using the proceeds to settle the loan.

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