Qataris occupy 88% of public jobs

09 Aug 2010

(MENAFN) A banking report has revealed that Qatar has the highest percentage of nationals working in the public sector among the GCC states, The Peninsula reported.

The percentage stood at 88 percent, followed by the UAE and kuwait with 85 and 82 percent, respectavily.

The lowest percentage was recorded in Bahrain at 30 percent of nationals who have jobs in the government sector, the report said.

Gulf economies face two major challenges in the coming ten years as they should create appropriate jobs for Gulf nationals given the flourishing growth in the number of new entrants into the labour force, and the possibility of government budgets slipping into sizeable deficits, the report adds.

While the GCC governments? financial firepower helped the region escape the global financial crisis at a relatively low cost compared to other regions, it is no substitute for enhancing the region?s long-term competitiveness.

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