Real Estate, Services,
and Trading

A global property market

More businesses and corporations are starting to realize the benefits of investing in real estate and diversifying their asset portfolios. The property market in Bahrain has been on a steady rise, with residential and commercial property prices predicted to grow in the upcoming years. As a result, leading Bahraini banks have started to penetrate the real estate marketplace to give Bahrain a competitive edge in the global property market.

Real estate for businesses

BBK’s Real Estate, Services, and Trading Department is a specialized branch of the Corporate Banking Division that focuses on the trading and real estate funding needs of corporations, business people, and individuals with a high net worth.

We help our corporate partners find the best solutions to their real estate needs, including the purchase and development of commercial, residential, tourist, or agricultural properties. We also offer other services such as expansion, development, and accommodation to business owners, investors, and corporations. 


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