Masdar City is energy positive

18 Jan 2011

(MENAFN) Afshin Afshari, the manager of Energy Management at Masdar City said that the city is supported by a 10-megawatt (MW) grid-connected power plant, the largest in the region, which puts more energy into the grid than it consumes, reported Gulf News.

Afshari also said that the 10 MW plant generates power which exceeds the amount that the Masdar Institute and the construction site offices use over a 24-hour period. The city uses 3 to 4 MW, while Excess energy of 6 to 7 MW are sent back to the national grid of Abu Dhabi.

The manager added that despite this case, the city would need additional renewable resources as new buildings are being built and Masdar is preparing to produce more power.

Afshari mentioned that Masdar is working on large scale power plants outside the city similar to Shams 1 and Noor 1.

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