McDonald’s to use veg. oil to run trucks in UAE

04 Jul 2011

(MENAFN) McDonald’s Neutral Fuels Group’s chairman, Karl W. Feilder, said that the Dubai based firm signed a deal to transfer used vegetable oil from McDonald’s outlets into biodiesel in order to run the food chain’s delivery trucks across the UAE, reported Associated Press.

Fielder added that the 100 percent converted biodiesel would burn 50 percent cleaner than normal diesel and would have much less carbon footprint since it was produced from waste vegetable products, moreover, the move would place the company as a leader in renewable energy.

He also said that Neutral’s annual biodiesel output capacity would reached 1 million liters in its Dubai facility and would have the ability to double that amount if it would raise the number of shifts, furthermore, the oil produced in McDonald’s 80 outlets would be enough to power the chain’s trucks in the UAE.

It is worth noting that the company started producing biodiesel at the end of May, whereas tests on the program started in 2010. In addition, this won’t be the first time for the company to run its trucks on biodiesel since it did that in England and most recently Austria, nevertheless, it will be the first time for any company to launch the program in the Middle East.

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