ME unrest endangers 40% of Airbus orders

12 Apr 2011

(MENAFN) Airbus president for Middle East, Habib Fekih, stated that the aircraft giant expected to lose 40 percent of its aircraft orders, around 60 potential orders, due to the ongoing unrest in the region, reported Bloomberg.

Fekih also said that Airbus orders were expected to be 90 to 100 planes before the unrest began. He pointed out that airlines seemed less interested in buying new planes after the conflicts.

Fekih also stressed the size of France-based Airbus’ ME business as it represented one fourth of the company’s total orders in terms of value.

It is worth noting that Airbus’s biggest customers in the ME region are the airlines Emirates, Qatar and Etihad, who all are boosting their global services to keep up with their competitors in the USA and Europe, as Airbus stated.

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