US budget cuts may hamper ME reform

18 Aug 2011

(MENAFN) The United States’ Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said that the USA may lose its chance to reform the politics of the Middle East if budget pressures hobble the country’s support for democratic forces emerging in countries such as Egypt and Tunisia, reported Reuters.

On the other hand, Clinton said that he is against further cuts to military, diplomatic and development spending as the United States struggles to decrease its USD1.4 trillion deficit. He said that America doesn’t have the resources to invest in the Middle East; therefore the country might have lost its chance in helping the Middle East and especially the countries that witness massive reform movements.

Clinton also said that America’s power and its position as a strong nation is up for grabs, and the decision makers would make the best case possible that American power is a power for the good.

Clinton added that he hopes that these causes find a ready audience in the Congress as these negotiations resume. His remarks were a warning that fiscal austerity at home, depending how it’s implemented, could weaken the US leadership role overseas.

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